Someone Steals Sick Man's Wheelchair

CLEVELAND - Police are looking for the person who committed a heartless crime, 19/43 News reported.

The suspect stole a sick man's electronic wheelchair right off his front porch, while it was plugged into a kitchen outlet so that it could recharge.

Jameel Kelley said that someone stole his wheelchair on Monday afternoon near East 187th Street and Harvard Avenue in Cleveland.

Kelley, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, said that he's too weak to use a manual wheelchair. He said that the crook has made him pretty much immobile, and thus he is craving justice.

"See this face? Take a good look because if I ever see you, see my wheelchair, there's going to be trouble," Kelley said as if addressing the thief.

Police said that they have no suspects or leads.

19/43 News made some calls, and it turns out that some local agencies might be able to help Kelley with transportation and equipment.