Are High School Uniforms Too Racy?

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio – School administrators in Cleveland Heights sparked a controversy when they said that the uniforms (pictured, right) worn by the high school drill team are too risqué, 19/43 News' Paul Orlousky reported.

The team, which performs to the music of the school band, disagrees, but because of the difference of opinion, they have yet to perform this year despite practicing all summer long.

Drill team member Nerissa Scott said that she is upset that she hasn't been able to perform much.

"We didn't even get a chance to perform at any of the games," Scott said. "We only did one pre-game, and that was it."

High school principal James Cipalletti said that he has already ordered and received new uniforms so that the girls can perform. The latest order included a jogging suits.

"There were two concerns, basically: the uniforms were very short and the material was very light," Cipalletti said. "This is a winter sport."

The captain of the drill squad, Jania Brown, said that jogging suits are unnecessary.

"Jogging suits are for football," Brown said. "Jogging suits are for track. I'm not out on the field. I'm not trying to run track.

"They made a lot of people feel uncomfortable with the uniforms when they made it seem the issue of the uniforms was not presentable for the school, when its presentable for other schools."

One of the issues that drill team members said that they have with the administration is that it was just hours before their first performance at a varsity football game when they were told of any objection to the uniform, and they got an even less clear explanation of what the objection was.

"They asked, 'What's wrong with the uniforms?'" team adviser Sandra Dixon said. "The answer was, 'Well, he didn't say we don't really know, but all we know is you can't wear them.'"

Another issue is that the seniors on the team never got a chance to do their routines this fall. The school has said that they can do them at basketball games to make up for the lost football games, but the girls aren't even sure that they want to do that.