How Well Do You Understand Harry Potter?

CLEVELAND - The new Harry Potter movie is getting rave reviews, and drawing big numbers at the box office, but if you've never read the books, you're probably going to need a little help figuring out what some of the terms mean, 19/43 News reported.
Every true Harry Potter fan knows that a "muggle" is a non-magic human.
But what about a "diagon alley?" That's where the wizards go shopping.
And a "quidditch" is, of course, a wizard sport played on broomsticks.
Quidditch is often played at Hogwarts, which is the wizard school that Harry Potter attends.
At Hogwarts, every child has a "hobart." Hobarts are owls that deliver messages.
Hobarts and Hogwarts should not be confused with "hogsmeade," however. Hogsmeade is a field trip destination for Hogwarts students where magic candy can be found.
Here are some Harry Potter that will help you expand and master the latest in hipster fantasy vernacular: