Buckeyes Squash Spartan Spirit 38-7


East Lansing, MI - No worries, the Ohio State Buckeyes did the majority of scoring Saturday against Michigan State. The Buckeyes take home another victory and almost shut-out bragging rights as the win their 7th straight game 38-7.

The Ohio State Buckeyes are now 7-0 after beating the Michigan State Spartans 38 - 7 Saturday evening. The Spartans managed to put 7 points up on the board in the wee moments of the fourth quarter.

Next week, October 21st, the Buckeyes will head back home to go up against Indiana at 12 p.m. at the Horseshoe. Indiana is currently 4-3 after taking down Iowa in the week 7 line-up.

Coach Jim Tressel will probably take it easy the next few weeks as the schedule is fairly smooth. The next tricky game comes at the end of the regular season when the long awaited Michigan - Ohio State rivals meet again in Columbus.

Michigan is ranked #4 and was 6-0 as of Week 6.

Here is how they fared throughout the game

1st      2nd       3rd       4th      Final

Buckeyes:     7        17          7         7             38

Spartans:     0         0           0         7              7