2 Browns Players Arrested For Drugs

CLEVELAND - Two members of the Cleveland Browns were arrested late Monday night after police discovered drugs during a routine traffic stop, 19/43 News' Paul Orlousky reported.

H-back Mike Sellers and defensive back Lamar Chapman spent the night behind bars after being busted in Cleveland's 2nd District near West 25th Street and Walton Avenue.

Police reportedly pulled the vehicle over after they spotted Sellers speeding and driving in and out of traffic.

During the routine traffic stop, police said that they smelled a strong odor, and then proceeded to find marijuana in the vehicle. Two bags of marijuana were found in the glove compartment of Sellers' pickup truck, and a dollar bill containing a white powder suspected of being cocaine was found in the patrol car after the players were taken to the police station.

The two players were taken to the 2nd District Police Station, where they continue to be held. Police officials said that numerous charges, including drug abuse-marijuana and possession of criminal tools, were pending against both players. They said that they also plan to charge Sellers with driving under the influence despite the fact that he refused to submit to a urine test at the jail.

The Browns had no immediate comment.

Sellers signed as a free agent with Cleveland in March after spending three seasons with the Washington Redskins. Chapman, on the other hand, is out for the season after being placed on injured reserve earlier in the year.

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