Cedar Point Will Add 15th Coaster Next Year

SANDUSKY, Ohio (AP) - Cedar Point will build its 15th roller coaster for next season, launching riders 215 feet into the air at 72 mph.

Wicked Twister will use linear induction motors to send the riders flying out of the station at its top speed in 2.5 seconds, the park announced Tuesday.

The ride will travel the same path backward and forward on a U-shape track that twists at the top of both towers. Riders will sit in a train that hangs from the track with their feet dangling.

Wicked Twister will be built by Intamin of Switzerland -- the same company that built the park's 310-foot roller coaster Millennium Force.

The new ride will be built along the park's Lake Erie beach and give Cedar Point the most roller coasters in the world along with Six Flags Magic Mountain near Los Angeles, which is currently building what it says is its 15th coaster.

Cedar Point also announced it will add an ice skating show featuring its "PEANUTS" characters including Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

The ice skating show will be in the former Cedar Point Cinema and replace the IMAX films shown each season.

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