Juvenile Judge Must Reconsider Girl's Abortion Request

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (AP) - A juvenile court judge must reconsider a girl's request to have an abortion without her parents' consent or knowledge.

Last week, Judge Theresa Dellick denied the 16-year-old's request for juvenile court approval for an abortion. Under Ohio law, a juvenile can seek court permission to have an abortion if she proves she is mentally capable of knowing what she is doing.

In a 2-1 ruling, the 7th Ohio District Court of Appeals reversed Dellick's decision and sent the case back to juvenile court.

The decision did not order Dellick to approve the girl's request, but ordered the court to appoint a guardian for the girl and "proceed with consideration of the petition as required by law."

Judge Joseph Vukovich filed a brief dissenting opinion, saying he would have reversed the juvenile court ruling and approved the girl's request to have an abortion.

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