Marysville 'No Good' For Audrey Iacona

MARYSVILLE, Ohio - A convicted felon said that Audrey Iacona had better hope that she wins her fight to avoid the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville.

Adria Cook, who did time in the Marysville prison, said that baby killers are not respected in Ohio's prison for women. Iacona was convicted as a teenager for killing her newborn son. She is now in the Medina County Jail, hoping a judge won't decide to send her to Marysville.

The Investigator, Tom Meyer, went inside Marysville to see what life might be like for the former high school cheerleader.

If Marysville becomes Iacona's next stop, she would be interacting with some of Ohio's most hardended female convicts. Murderers, armed robbers and drug peddlers are among the 1,700 inmates at Marysville.

Cook said that the prison is filled with gay women who might target Iacona because of her youth, beauty and money. Cook described Marysville as a horrible experience that requires you to be both mentally and physically tough to survive.

The 21-year-old Iacona would be among the youngest inmates, but Marysville has one inmate who's 15 and others who are as old as 76. Most inmates are up by 6 a.m., and ready to work a six-hour day unless they opt to attend school for the same amount of time.

Iacona would live in a dormitory her first 30 days while prison officials determine her level of security. She could possibly be moved to a small cell to share with another inmate.

A 20-year-old convicted robber, who was recently sentenced to Marysville, said that inmates are allowed two family visits a month. She found it especially tough to "stay strong" for herself and her family. There are many nights, she said, that she cried herself to sleep.

Even though the inmates enjoy some perks, incluidng several hours of free time daily, Cook said that Marysville is a horrible experience that she hopes to forget.