KFC Phasing Out Trans Fats


New York, NY - Good news for KFC lovers out there!

The fast-food restaurant says it's ending use of artificial trans fat.

This, as New York's Board of Health holds its first hearing on banning restaurants from using artificial trans fat.

KFC says it's phasing-out the use of trans fats in cooking its Original Recipe and Extra Crispy fried chicken and other menu items. The fast food chain says will start using zero-trans fat soybean oil in all of its restaurants.

A system wide rollout is expected to be completed by April 2007.

The announcement comes as the New York City Board of Health mulls over banning city restaurants from using trans fats. New York would be the first US city to do so if the ban is approved.

Artificial trans fat causes artery blockage, high cholesterol and heart disease. Health experts say it's so common that the average American eats nearly five pounds a year.