LTV Crisis Prompts Special Prayer Service

CLEVELAND - While LTV Steel employees continue to await word on the fate of the company, many are asking for a little divine intervention in their economic futures, 19/43 News reported.

On Monday, members of the community and political leaders joined dozens of LTV employees for a special prayer service led by Diocese of Cleveland Bishop Anthony Pilla.

Pill said that everyone is looking to a higher power for answers to the LTV crisis.

"Our Greater Cleveland community is home to many proud and long traditions," Pilla said. "Steel-making and those who make steel are part of that kind of honorable tradition."

"It's very powerful because we know at this time that we've got to have faith," U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who attended the service, said. "We have to have faith that were going to save these jobs and to protect steel in the Greater Cleveland area. Faith is very important right now."

The bishop's words were heard not only by workers, but also by top LTV management officials who were in attendance, including company CEO William Bricker.