Neighbor Saves Man From Carbon Monoxide

ASHTABULA, Ohio - An Ashtabula man is thankful to an alert neighbor for saving him from deadly carbon monoxide poisoning on Monday morning, 19/43 News reported.

Tim Wiser was asleep when his carbon monoxide detector went off, and he didn't hear it. Luckily for him, his neighbor, John Childress, was up late and heard a beeping noise.

Childress couldn't find the source of the noise in his house, so he knocked on Wiser's door and went for help when no one answered.

"I called 911 to get somebody out here to help him out," Childress said.

"He always comes home late," Wiser said. "He's always up late. I think that's what really saved me. If he were sleeping, maybe I wouldn't be here."

The Ashtabula Fire Department responded, and got Wiser out of the home. They found near-deadly levels of carbon monoxide.

Wiser had just bought his detector last week. Thanks to it, and his neighbor, Wiser is just fine.