Parents Under Arrest For Stabbing 15-Month-Old

CLEVELAND – A 15-month-old baby boy is in serious condition after he was stabbed early Sunday morning, and now the boy's parents are under arrest, suspected of attacking the child with a six-inch knife, 19/43 News reported.

"All I heard was 'my baby, my baby,'" neighbor Bill Walters said. "I came running through the house, saw the ambulance, and saw them put the baby into the ambulance, and they left."

Walters said that he is very familiar with the man who moved in upstairs last summer. He said that his neighbor pounded on his front door so hard that he shattered the glass.

"He was on a drug or something, he had to be," Walters said. "I couldn't make out what he was saying."

The man was arrested and charged with minor offenses, but now he's in deeper trouble as police continue to try to figure out who really stabbed the baby boy.

According to the police report, the boy's mother told detectives, "I was cutting a polish boy and walked into the living room and saw a mouse on my son, so I stabbed at it, and stabbed my son by accident."

Also in the report, the couple's other child -- a 3-year-old girl -- told officers that her parents were fighting and that her father tried to stab her mom, but stabbed the baby instead.

The violence has shocked neighbors.

"I think they should get the electric chair," neighbor Viola Anderson said. "If someone hurts a baby, they should get the electric chair."

"Parents who hurt their kids like that, they deserve to be in prison -- locked up," neighbor Rocky Wright said. "They don't need any more kids."

The Department of Family Services will take custody of the boy once he's released from MetroHealth Medical Center, where he is currently in serious condition following an operation on his diaphragm, which was punctured when he was stabbed.

The couple's other child is staying with a relative.

No charges have been filed yet, but 19/43 News will let you know if and when they are.