Buckeyes Beat Illinois - Lowest Scoring Game Of The Buckeye Season

Champaign, IL - The Ohio State Buckeyes scored early and maintained their seventeen point lead all the way until the fourth quarter when Illinois popped ten points up on the scoreboard. The Buckeyes dominated the first three quarters of the game, but with a different level of heat then that of previous games. Final Score 17-10, Buckeyes.

The drive and power was limp in comparison to previous games. Maybe Ohio State did not want to use their big guns because they knew they would win regardless. Maybe Illinois did not go full thrust because they knew their best still would not be good enough against the No. 1 college football team in the nation.

The Buckeyes didn't need the juicer to squeeze Illinois freshman Quarterback Juice Williams' energy because it just did not seem to be present.

The Buckeyes played their lowest scoring game of the season on Saturday.

Did both teams save their thunder for upcoming more difficult games?

Next week, the Buckeyes are back in Illinois taking on Northwestern, who are fueled up after their 21-7 win over Iowa.

                       1st       2nd      3rd      4th

Ohio State:      7          10        0          0

Illinois:            0           0         0         10