Browns Charged With 32-25 Loss

San Diego, CA - The Cleveland Browns went from hopeful to desperate right after halftime. Browns fall to San Diego 32-25 and head to Atlanta next weekend.

Cleveland would have had their first time two game winning streak in three years if they had beaten the Chargers on Sunday. Most won't go into to that story though.

Charlie Frye, despite injury list rumors, started on Sunday. Frye reportedly hurt his thumb during Saturday's practice and was listed as a questionable player.

Questionable indeed was the case after the Chargers made a late hit after the whistle in the third quarter knocking Frye down for several minutes. Fans were hopeful when Cleveland scored a touchdown late in the fourth. One blow after the other, Cleveland takes another loss physically on the players and emotionally on the fans.

 1st     2nd    3rd     4th

Browns:      3        9        0        12

Chargers:    3       7         7       15