Producer Says Film Is Right At Home

CLEVELAND (AP) - When the film crew for "American Splendor" needed several '70s vintage cars, they didn't call a prop department.

Instead, crew members combed the neighborhoods right where they were filming. In no time, they located a rusted green four-door, a dark gold station wagon and a sleek black coupe. Locals were willing to lend the cars for the film "American Splendor," a movie based on the life of Cleveland comic book novelist Harvey Pekar.

Filming Monday was in the Cleveland suburb Lakewood. The film has been shot in and around Cleveland for the last week.

Line producer Christine Walker said the Cleveland area's businesses, homes and cars capture the feel of an old, established neighborhood and commercial district, that atmosphere needed for the movie about Pekar's life.

Bob Pulcini and his wife, Shari Springer-Berman, are co-directing the film being made by Good Machine, a production company, for HBO. The film has a 24-day shooting schedule.

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