Judge Refuses To Throw Out Rape Confession

AKRON, Ohio (AP) - A judge ruled that a man's admission that he impregnated his stepdaughter with a syringe may be used as evidence in an upcoming trial.

John Goff, 40, and his wife, Narda, 42, had sought to have their statements to police and social workers thrown out.

Summit County Common Pleas Judge John R. Adams ruled John Goff's statements and the nods of concurrence by Narda Goff were offered voluntarily and did not violate their constitutional rights.

A trial date will be set within two weeks for the Stow couple, who in the 1990s sought changes in the Ohio rape law after a man accused of molesting Narda Goff's daughter was acquitted because of a loophole.

They are now charged with violating the statute they lobbied legislators to create.

John Goff is charged with five counts of rape and four counts of child endangering. He faces a possible life prison term if convicted. Narda Goff is charged with complicity to four counts of sexual battery, two counts of rape and one count of child endangering.

The Goffs have pleaded innocent and are free on bond.

The stepdaughter alleges that the Goffs repeatedly injected her with her stepfather's semen because her mother could not give birth.

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