6 key mistakes for business owners make

6 key mistakes for business owners make

How can you avoid the six mistakes that could destroy your business and your financial future?

Many factors could trigger the death of your business. For example, who would run your business if you were to become disabled or die? Would you be able to retire if your business suddenly dropped in value by thirty or forty percent, just when you are ready to sell it to fund your retirement? The impact of inadequate planning on you, your business, your partners, or your heirs could be devastating.

You can prepare your business for these and other hazards by participating in a businessKillers workshop, available to you without cost or obligation and offered exclusively through MassMutual.

An innovative workshop

Attending a bK workshop can help you understand and avoid the six mistakes that could jeopardize the success and continuation of your business. Through videos that depict risk scenarios common in small, family-owned, or franchised businesses, you'll learn from independent experts who share their insight with you about possible outcomes and recommended solutions. The accompanying Risk Barometer can help you assess the level of risk your particular business may face, and can help pinpoint ways to defend it against these risks.

Workshops are available year-round. Take this important step to protect your business and your future: locate and contact a licensed businessKillers presenter in your area by visiting www.businesskillers.com, clicking the "Member's Search" link and entering your state in the search box.

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