Family Suing Greyhound after Flying Fecal Matter Covers SUV on I-75

TOLEDO -- It was Mother's Day 2004. Idyllic, beautiful. A bonding experience. Maybe Robert Stokes and his family of Graytown, Ohio were holding hands. Maybe they were singing. Whatever they were doing, they weren't expecting what happened next.

Simply put: They got hit with a blast of raw sewage while driving behind a Greyhound bus.  And now they're about to relive the whole ordeal in court because they've sued the bus line for damages to their car.  The family talked with Call 11 for Action problem solver Mika Highsmith on Thursday.

The 911 call from two years ago says it all. During the call, Angela Stokes tells the operator, "We're driving down the expressway and this Greyhound bus, all of its waste. He just evacuated his stuff all over our car!"  The Stokes followed the bus, and its ID numbers to the 911 operator.

"The contents of the tank toliet -- paper, feces," exploded as the family merged onto 75 North off of the Willis Parkway entrance ramp said Robert Stokes.  "We took one through the windows, through the sunroof -- we were all wet with it. I had to turn on the windshield wiper; you could see pieces of toilet paper going down the road."  The sewage covered Robert, Anglea, and their two young children.

The incident was not only a driving hazard, but a health hazard. It sent the Stokes family into decontamination mode.  "We first went to the emergency room under the advice of our doctor; and then she ordered follow up tests. We had to have baseline test for AIDS, Hepatitis -- a whole manner of things," Robert Stokes said.

Lucky for the Stokes, besides their totalled car, their long-term health hasn't been affected by the blast of sewage.  "Anything could have happened," said Robert.

The Stokes family has sued Greyhound Lines in the Lucas County Common Pleas Court for unspecified damages.  Count on News 11 to follow this case as it moves through the court system.

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