Browns Win 17-13, The Fans Needed It

Atlanta, GA - Strike up the band the Cleveland Browns have won another game. Not in a row, but they have won another game. The Cleveland Browns beat the Atlanta Falcons Sunday afternoon 17-13.

1st      2nd      3rd     4th

Browns      7          7          0         3

Falcons      0          3          7         3

Who knows what the Falcons are thinking right now. Here is a team that was 2-6 and came into their house and bullied them around. Michael Vick has got to be floored by the effort from the Browns, and the lack thereof with his.

The Browns came into the game looking like a whole new team. The Browns were aggressive, rowdy, and pumped.  They gave Cleveland fans what they have always wanted, another "W" tacked under their belts.

The Falcons, on the other hand, are now 5-4, still with a winning record so far, but what an upset this must be for them.