Harrison Remembered In Rock 'n' Roll City

CLEVELAND – The death of ex-Beatle George Harrison conjures up memories of the band's rise to fame for a Cleveland man known as the "Grandfather of Rock 'n' Roll Photography," 19/43 News' Bill Safos reported.

George Shuba was a young freelance photographer in 1964 when he filmed the Beatles' first trip to Cleveland.

"I was just privileged to be one of the few people as they came off the aircraft," Shuba said.

The Fab Four were in the Rock 'n' Roll City to play a concert for WHK Radio -- one of two times that they would come to the North Coast.

The concert filled Public Hall with screaming girls and fans from all across northeast Ohio. George Shuba's lens captured it all.

"I'll never forget the concert," Shuba said. "It was 10,000 screaming kids. I never encountered anything in my life like that. It was a situation were my ears rang for three days afterwards."

Shuba earned his nickname because he has photographed more than 4,000 music, film and television stars. He said that, in his expert opinion, Harrison is a category of unforgettable musicians.

"He would be in that category because it was the Beatles," Shuba said.

Shuba said that he, like every other Beatles fan in the world, would be bringing out his collectibles and quietly weeping.

"Just being there as a journalist, I had a chance to preserve history for that moment, for the city of Cleveland," Shuba said. "That was my legacy to Cleveland -- my pictures of the Beatles."