Do Prep Athletes Return Too Fast After Head Injuries?

CLEVELAND (AP) - Ohio has about 42,000 high school football players bashing into one another during the fall season.

A Cleveland Clinic study says that many of them are suffering head injuries and are returning to the field far too soon.

A survey of 233 Ohio and Pennsylvania high school players found that nearly half suffered concussions during games or practices.

The report says that half of those with concussions should be out for the season, but that teams don't know how to spot mild head injuries.

Centerville assistant coach Bob Brigati is a former head of the Ohio High School Football Coaches Association. He says that it used to be that a player would get knocked out, a coach would hold up two fingers and if the player saw them, he'd return to the game.

He says that medical research into the injuries is an important step in protecting players.

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