Jamie Pressly is Pregnant


NEW YORK (AP) - Jaime Pressly has made it official: She's pregnant.

"I'm four months pregnant! I'm making it official tonight for the first time," the 29-year-old actress told Jay Leno on NBC's "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday.

The blond bombshell, known for her Emmy-nominated role as the trash-talking Joy on NBC's "My Name Is Earl," and disc jockey Eric Cubiche became engaged last month. They had been dating for about 18 months.

When Pressly's doctor showed her an ultrasound and asked her to guess the sex of her child, "I said a boy," the actress said.

"She looked at the picture and said, `If that's not a boy, that's a third leg.' Of course, Eric says it's because he's Cuban," Pressly said.

"I'm healthy, the baby's healthy. We're good," she added.