Pittsburgh Wins - Barely

Cleveland, OH - Cold, wet, sloppy, and careless. Those were the elements that ensured a Pittsburgh victory. The Browns fell hard in the last few minutes of the fourth quarter to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Pittsburgh wins 24-20.

The first quarter went by fast and the Browns were looking good. Both teams showed aggression and determination.

The Cleveland Browns scored the first touchdown of the game in the second quarter followed by a field goal. Cleveland made two interceptions and snagged one turn-over off of a fumbled football. The Pittsburgh defense seems to be falling apart as well, making way for the Browns to break through.

Cleveland Browns go into the second half leading 10-0.

The third quarter was as slow as the first. The Steelers picked up a turn-over off the Browns and kicked a field goal that bounced off the left upright and dropped through, finally getting them on the scoreboard.

The Pittsburgh Steelers made their first touchdown of the game in the first few minutes of the quarter and the Browns carried the ball right back for a 92-yard touchdown. Pittsburgh, late in the fourth, drove back down and the field and put another touchdown on the scoreboard. Pittsburgh, with thirty seconds left in the game, scored their second touchdown.

Pittsburgh wins 24-20.

1st      2nd       3rd       4th

Cleveland:     0         10           0          10

Pittsburgh:      0          0            3           21