Bruce Drennan's Prison Diary

Bruce Drennan's Prison Diary: Entry One

Well, here I am at "Club Fed." That's what Barbara Walters called it many years ago. She apparently did a piece for "60 Minutes" revealing there was an Olympic-sized swimming pool and a 9-hole, par 3 golf course. Needless to say, after her report ran, the pool and golf course disappeared. There is a nice Rec. Center that features every kind of exercise machine, as well as pool tables, pink pong tables and a well-stocked library. There is also a big theater where movies are shown and inmates jam musically. I'm playing a lot of ping pong.

I'm walking a lot too. As a result, I've lost 23-pounds in a month and a half. Sounds great, right? WRONG! It's PRISON!! The food is absolutely ATROCIOUS!!!! Therefore, it's easy to lose weight because you don't want to eat the trash they serve us.

There are lots of rules, most of which are petty. However, with the right frame of mind, it's not hard to abide.

Inmates knew I was coming here before I arrived. In the library, we get the Plain Dealer. And the guys from NE Ohio heard from friends and family in phone conversations. I can't tell you how many guys recognized me when I arrived and came up and introduced themselves to me. A lot were fans of mine and others just were aware of me and my case. As a matter of fact, they've nicknamed me, "The Sportscaster."

Just about every "walk of life" is represented here. There are doctors, lawyers, businessmen, hospital administrators, advertising agency execs, stockbrokers and bankers here. Richard Hatch is here. He's the guy from "Survivor." And Roger Blackwell is also here. He's the author of many textbooks and was a high-ranking professor at Ohio State.

But don't think that Morgantown FCI only houses "White Collar" felons. There is every kind of drug dealer, user and conspirator you can imagine in here.

I'm coping, abiding and adapting. I thank the Good Lord for the blessings bestowed upon me. My wife, my 93-year-old mother (who's living with us now) the rest of my family and the many friends that have stood by me during this horrible ordeal.

I'm not in denial about my wrongdoings. I plead guilty to tax violations and I'm paying the price. But I again thank God for the opportunities that await me when I pay my debt.