Two Punks Busted for Snake Snatching

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (AP) - Two youths have been charged in the theft of three snakes, including an 8-foot-long boa constrictor, from a downtown tattoo parlor.

The boa was found trapped in a trash can and one of two other non-venomous corn snakes also was recovered, police said. They were taken Sunday night.

Edward Morris, owner of Custom Tattoo, said he was concerned about what the boa might do.

"It eats large rabbits," Morris said. "It could do some damage to a child or if the wrong person got a hold of it."

Police said a woman had called Morris and said her 11-year-old son confided that he had a snake taken in the break-in. The boy gave the boa to a 13-year-old friend, whose grandmother told him he couldn't keep the big snake, said Juvenile Detective Bobby Reese.

Police said they found the boa stuffed in a trash can in the alley, with the lid on the can and a tire on top, and recovered one corn snake. They were still searching for the other snake, which is pregnant.

Police charged the 11-year-old with juvenile delinquency with complicity to breaking and entering and receiving stolen property. The older boy was charged with juvenile delinquency by way of receiving stolen property.