Teen Who Killed Father Gets Stiff Punishment

CLEVELAND – The Cleveland teenager who admitted to shooting his father to death last June was sentenced in juvenile court on Monday, 19/43 News reported.

Gregory Scruggs Jr., 13, will spend a minimum of six years in juvenile detention, and might have to stay locked up until he's 21 years old, which was the stiffest punishment that he could have faced.

Scruggs will have to serve his time with the Ohio Department of Youth Services despite the fact that court records indicate that his father had beaten and abused him. Because of the proven history of abuse, Scruggs' mother and her husband, Don Wright, are having trouble understanding the stiff sentence.

"From birth, he's been under his father's care, and he's been beaten," Wright said. "It was clear-cut, and I do not understand the decision."

Scruggs received two three-year sentences -- one for the voluntary conviction and the other for using a gun to kill his father.