No Battle Here, Browns Completely Shutdown By Bengals


Cleveland, OH - Different look, same team. The Browns advance to a 3-8 record. Look on the bright side, Cleveland may get a few first round NFL Draft picks and maybe even a new Head Coach after it is all said and done.

The first quarter was fairly uneventful, the Cincinnati Bengals managed to score the first touchdown of the game, which was challenged by the Browns. The call stood and the extra point was good. Browns get the ball multiple times but can't seem to move it, first quarter ends.

Second quarter is over and the Cincinnati Bengals have scored their second touchdown of the day, courtesy of No. 15 - Henry. Bengals also kicked a field goal adding another three points to the board down at Browns Stadium. The Cleveland Browns are not responding at all to the Bengals, apparently they can't. Second half ends 17- 0 with the Bengals pounding the Browns.

Cleveland Browns can not catch a break it seems. The Cincinnati Bengals scored two touchdowns in the third quarter, missing one field goal and making the second. The Browns are so aggravated, they have begun to yell at each other on the sidelines. Third quarter ends with the Bengals shutting out the Browns 30-0.

Fourth quarter was a waste of time. Nothing notable to mention.

Bengals shutout the Browns 30-0.

1st      2nd      3rd    4th

Cleveland    0         0         0        0

Cincinnati    7        10        13      0