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Keep Burglars Away with Smart Safety Tips

Keep Burglars Away with Smart Home Safety Tips

  • Generally, burglars don't target residences that appear occupied
  • Create lived-in sound effects by connecting a timer to a TV or radio
  • Install motion lights high up enough that a thief can't manually turn them off
  • If you're going on vacation, ask a neighbor to park his car in your driveway
  • Break down boxes of big-ticket items (like a TV or computer) when you put the boxes by the curb - don't advertise what you have
  • Take you name off the mailbox - with your address and name, all a crook has to do is call information, get your #, then call to see if someone answers
  • Don't hide keys outdoors
  • Replace your door locks with keyless combination locks for about $100
  • Change the code on your garage door opener
  • Don't rely on dogs to be your home burglary system - some thieves carry treats to win over a pet
  • Get burglar alarms - homes without alarms are 3X more likely to be robbed; only 30% of homes currently have systems
  • If you can't afford an alarm system, a fake security system sign can deter robbers
  • Buy deadbolts - that extend at least one inch into the doorjamb
  • Experienced thieves know your hiding places - put valuables in a safe
  • Bolt your safe to the floor - thieves can walk off with your stuff - in your safe!
  • Theft can impact homeowners without any notice and with devastating consequences. An accurate and up-to-date home inventory can help make the recovery process easier on you and your family
  • Make sure your home inventory list includes photographs or video of your belongings
  • With any photo or video home inventory list, include a detailed, written account of what you own. Be specific in your written inventory. Whenever possible, include make, model, serial numbers, receipts and a date of purchase for all items in your home inventory.
  • Store your list in a safe deposit box and insurance agent to make sure you are adequately covered in case you are burglarized
  • Update the inventory list after any major purchase or gift received
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