Another Flats Nightspot Closes For Good

CLEVELAND - The Flats is beginning to look like a ghost town after another nightspot shuts its doors for good, 19/43 News reported.

The owners of Fado packed up and moved out on Monday after deciding to close their Downtown Cleveland location.

There are 10 other Fado bar and grills across the country, and the other nine are reportedly doing well, but in an area where many bars have closed and perceptions of crime, drugs and drunken behavior have chased off families, the owners said that it's hard to make a business profitable.

"We kind of made a decision at the start of this year that we would tough it out, try and stay with the thing and hopefully something would happen down here, but there's no evidence that something's happening," Fado owner Frank Kenny said.

The closing came so suddenly that the Flats Oxbow Association didn't even know about it until 19 News called for comment.

The loss of Fado leaves 25 people out of work.