Waiting Is Hard For Workers

CLEVELAND – LTV workers in Cleveland, who decided not to go to the Youngstown rally on Tuesday, found that waiting for the judge's decision was a difficult thing to do, 19/43 News' Bill Younkin reported.

"We're all sitting here, and we're hoping that we'll have our jobs," 28-year LTV employee Darrel Jachna said. "We're hoping that we'll be able to continue to support our families."

"I think the waiting is like waiting for a check you were promised that you never got," LTV worker Eugene Swint said.

"You want it to work out for everybody -- for the workers, the company -- because this is affecting all of us," Willie Avery Jr., who retired from LTV on Friday, said.

While hundreds gathered in Youngstown, the majority of local LTV workers hoped and prayed at home, where flyers were being distributed about the reality that they would lose their group life insurance 31 days after they get their pink slip.

"It doesn't look good," Jachna said. "It's just very, very bad-looking right now."

Jachna said that he feels if the plant isn't sold to someone else, the future of steel production in Cleveland is over, and he's less than optimistic that the judge in Youngstown will rule in favor of the union.

"If we haven't convinced him already, you're not going to change the man's mind," he said.

Other workers, however, continue to hold out hope.

"It's in the hands of God because he's going to determine everything for us, good or bad," Avery said.