Community Unites For Marine Fundraiser

Cleveland, OH - We may not agree on the war, but here in Northeast Ohio, we are united when it comes to supporting our troops.

A community came together Saturday to help raise money for a new home so retired Marine Sgt. Shurvon Phillip, who is fighting for every breath, can live comfortably with his injuries and get his life back.

On May 7, 2005, while on maneuvers and patrol in Al Anbar Iraq, the humvee that Sergeant Phillip was riding in was struck by an improvised explosive device.  Sergeant Phillip suffered a multitude of critical injuries in the explosion, including traumatic brain injury.

From the very start, consistent with his dedication, Sergeant Phillip has absolutely refused to quit.  During his stay in various hospitals, and facing various surgeries and infections, Sergeant Phillip has fought off death's doorstep on at least three different occasions.

He now zealously fights the daily challenges of life.

Visit the link above to make a difference, to make a donation.