Couple Finds Human Bones During Home Renovation

WEST SALEM, Ohio (AP) - A couple renovating their house found human bones, and police are investigating the death as a homicide.

James and Emily Given found 10 human arm and torso bones while tearing down a wall in their living room. Police then discovered a bloodstained bag in the attic, said Police Chief Terry Johns.

Wayne County Coroner J.T. Questel has determined that the bones are more than 50 years old and are those of a man who was around 22 years old, more than 6 feet tall and probably white, Johns said.

The bones are from the arms, shoulder and collar. The hands were missing, suggesting someone may have been trying to prevent fingerprints from providing identification of the victim, Johns said.

The bones were found where a 1953 addition meets the original building. Police were interviewing neighbors about what may have happened in the home decades ago. The Givens bought the house in 1998.

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