Steelers Dominate Heinz Stadium

Pittsburgh, PA - The Cleveland Browns were absolutely stomped at Heinz Stadium. Pittsburgh takes home their second victory over the Browns. Cleveland advances their record to 4-9.

                       1st     2nd     3rd     4th

Cleveland:      0         0       0         7

Steelers:       7          3       14       3

Cleveland Browns fans battled the ugly weather conditions and hiked across the turnpike for round two of the Cleveland Pittsburgh rivalry.

Pittsburgh was the first and the last to score a touchdown at Heinz Stadium in the first quarter. First quarter comes to a close in favor of the Steelers, who lead 7- 0.

Pittsburgh kicked a field goal at the end of the second quarter bringing the first half to a 10-0 close out.

The third quarter was a blur for the Browns, Pittsburgh scored two touchdowns rocking the Browns 24-0 going into the fourth quarter.

Braylon Edwards was the only one to touch the endzone Thursday, putting up six points and of course, the extra point was good. Pittsburgh managed to put another three points up before the conclusion of the game.

Browns fans head home, cold, lonely, yearning for a better season next year.

Last week was different story.

The Cleveland Browns looked like a different team last Sunday when they defeated the Kansas City Chiefs. After a week of controversy about Head Coach Romeo Crennel's future, and Braylon Edwards lashing out at other team players, the program and the fans were left in sheer chaos. The new question in everyone's mind is "where did Derek Anderson come from"?

Charlie Frye suffered a wrist injury in the second quarter which removed him from the game. Derek Anderson came in off the bench at QB in the second quarter with only 2 snaps recorded in his NFL career. The new QB looked strong, ready, and focused, but that wasn't enough for the QB who participated in his first ever start for the NFL against the Pittsburgh Steelers on their turf.