Former UN Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick Dead at 80


WASHINGTON (AP) - The first woman to serve as U-S ambassador to the UN is being remembered as someone who "spoke clearly for liberty in the world."

That's how current UN ambassador John Bolton remembers Jeane Kirkpatrick, a one-time Democrat who turned Republican and embraced Ronald Reagan's conservative policies in the 1980s.

Kirkpatrick's assistant says she died in her sleep last night at her Maryland home at the age of 80. The cause of death isn't yet known.

Her death was announced today at the senior staff meeting of the U-S mission to the United Nations, where a spokesman says Bolton asked for a moment of silence.

Former Reagan administration colleague Bill Bennett remembers her as someone who "had no patience with tyrannies," and who said "they had to be confronted."

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist says Kirkpatrick was someone who "stood up for the interests of America" at the UN and was a source of "wise counsel" after leaving the government.