LTV Employees Feeling Heat To Find Work

CLEVELAND - While the eternal flame at LTV Steel's eastside Cleveland mill continues to burn, thousands of workers are feeling the heat to find work, 19/43 News' Harry Boomer reported.

Monday was a day that approximately 3,200 local LTV workers had hoped would never come -- their jobs are gone, and they're stunned.

"I just feel we got sold out," LTV employee Don Wilson said. "Now, I'll start to look for another job."

Wilson has a lot of company, including Donald Workman. After nearly 24 years laboring in the mill, all that Workman has is a stack of unemployment papers to deal with.

"We've got to fill this out and mail it back in, so we don't know what's really up," Workman said. "It's a frustrating process. I never though it would get this bad."

Over the weekend, the blast furnace at LTV was shut down, followed by the oxygen furnace being put on hot idle. Those moves by the bankrupt company effectively fired thousands of employees.

"Angry is putting it lightly, but I'm going to do the best I can," Workman said.

The best that LTV workers can do now is to file for unemployment benefits. At best, their first unemployment checks are weeks away, however, which will make for a difficult holiday season.

Laid-off LTV employees can pick up unemployment packages at several locations throughout the region, including the United Steelworkers of America Union Hall on Denison Avenue in Cleveland or at unemployment offices on Chevrolet Boulevard in Parma, Euclid Avenue in Euclid and/or Prospect Avenue in Cleveland.