Jack Kevorkian Will be Paroled this Summer


LANSING, Mich. (AP) - Doctor Jack Kevorkian, who gained fame by helping people commit suicide, will get out of prison next year -- if he lives long enough.

Corrections officials in Michigan say the 78-year-old former pathologist will be paroled in June.

Kevorkian has been behind bars since April of 1999. He's serving a ten-to-25 year sentence for murder in the case of a man who had Lou Gehrig's disease.

Kevorkian says he assisted in at least 130 suicides during the last decade. In a July interview with The Detroit News he promised not to help with any more deaths, but vowed to speak out about making it legal for people who are suffering to have the right to die.

Earlier this year, his lawyer said Hepatitis-C was attacking Kevorkian's major organs, and that he'd become diabetic and weighed just 113-pounds. He said Kevorkian had less than a year to live.