Brunswick High School Undercover Drug Bust- Four Students Arrested

Brunswick, OH - At 9:30 a.m. on Friday, December 15th, the High School administration and Brunswick Police Department conducted a practice lockdown (which took 15 minutes) and drug search of the high school parking lot. Four students were suspended by High School administrators, taken into custody by police, arrested, and removed from the building.

During this time, students and staff were in lockdown mode, with no students permitted to travel hallways, go to lockers, or use cell phones.Trained drug search dogs combed the parking lot for approximately 1 hour.

Brunswick High School has been working with Medway (Medina/Wayne County Drug Enforcement Agency) and the Brunswick Police Department since the beginning of the 2006-2007 school year to identify and, if necessary, address any drug-related activity found in the school.

A Medway trained undercover agent, posing as a high school student, was placed at Brunswick High School at the start of the school year, and withdrawn at Thanksgiving Break.  The agent concluded that while there was no indication that drugs were being sold, used or in possession in the high school, drug discussions were taking place on school premises with transactions occurring afterwards out in the community.  The agent identified five students as being connected to these discussion and transactions.

"The actions taken are clear examples that we will take any legal steps necessary to identify and punish those responsible for breaking school rules related to drugs," commented BHS Principal Michael Mayell.

Superintendent James Hayas commented, "I'm pleased that the undercover process revealed no direct drug use or transactions on our school property.  Apparently, students have a sense that it's not a wise thing to do here.  However, it's always disheartening whenever we hear that students are engaged in drug activity whenever or wherever it takes place.  We will continue to send a message to students that drugs will not be tolerated."