Ravens Playoff Bound, Browns Head Home

Cleveland, OH - The Baltimore Ravens have won their way right into the playoffs, the Browns come home with a winless season in their division. Ravens win 27-17.

They started out okay.

Cleveland kicked a field goal to put up three points in first quarter. Baltimore is looking focused and ready to impose pain on the Browns. Baltimore scores the first touchdown of the game halfway into the first quarter, and another just before the second quarter begins.

Next they got bad.

Second quarter was some what productive, Ravens kicked a field goal and the Browns scored their first touchdown of the game just before the end of the half.

Halftime score: 17-10 Ravens ballgame

Then they were amazing.

Cleveland comes back refreshed after halftime and ties up the score with another touchdown. Baltimore needs this win to get into the playoffs, Browns hopeful for an upset. Ravens, not to be shut down came right back with another TD and completed the extra point.

Finally, not surprisingly, they lost.

Both teams look tired and frustrated in the fourth quarter. Back and fourth driving, finally someone kicks a field goal. Baltimore led the game 27-17 with three minutes remaining in the game and the clock expired.

Baltimore wins and advances to the playoffs, the Browns come home winless in their division.

1st     2nd    3rd    4th

Browns     3       7        7       0

Ravens     14     3        7       3