Step Up The Quality, Child Care Center Ratings Online

Stark County, OH - A rating system, available online, will allow parents to check the ratings of child care centers before they enlist their loved ones, and it launched statewide on December 18th.

Ohio joins about a dozen of other states that using this system. North Carolina is the only state that requires child care centers to participate.

The state's Bureau of Child Care and Development is expanding statewide using a voluntary rating system to rate the child care centers available all over Ohio. The centers must operate above the state's minimum standards to even receive a rating. The rating system consists of one, two, and three stars depending on factors like child-staff ratio, and the education level and training of staff members on site.

The state of Ohio believes that half of the state's four-thousand centers will seek a rating within three years. Parents want a safe child care center, and now they can depend on the state to provide a list of good, great, and best providers.