Bruce Drennan's Prison Diary

Bruce Drennan Prison Diary: Entry 2

Cleveland, OH - The days seem to be going faster. However, Thanksgiving was a real tough day for me. I couldn't stop thinking about being home with my family on Thanksgiving Day. Therefore, I anticipate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day being equally rough.

I've lost 32-pounds and counting. They are certainly helping me by serving the food they do. It makes it real easy to avoid.

Most of the inmates here are from southern states. So, most will be cheering for Florida against OSU. I find it difficult to contemplate the Gators can defeat Ohio State's offense. I hope the Buckeyes pour it on, so as to shut up these southern-know-it-alls. I'm glad it's Florida rather than Michigan. The country did not want to see a rematch. Besides, Michigan had their shot, and they are a 2nd place team.

I won't bore you by giving my thoughts on the Browns. Except to say, the bottom line is talent. YOU MUST HAVE TALENT to compete for a championship in the NFL. Even though there's some players I like for the future, there's just not enough of them.

I've seen the Cavs several times and I hope they have enough to win the Eastern Conference. I think they still need a dynamite point guard. Someone to take the pressure off LeBron. And someone to carry the load when LeBron needs to rest.

I really love the Barfield trade by the Indians. He can do nothing but get better. His offense is already very good, but he'll have to work on his range defensively.

Getting Borowski was also an excellent move. Replacing Wickman following last season's trade was a priority.

Love ya Cleveland,