Big Game will Cost OSU Fans Big Bucks


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - The national championship game between Ohio State and Florida is still three weeks away, but it's already costing people big money.

Those who have yet to make their travel plans to Glendale, Arizona, can expect to pay at least $400 for airfare and more than double that for a game ticket. They'll be lucky to find a hotel room in a nearby city. Glendale is already pretty much booked.

Travel agents in Columbus sold most of their deals including ticket, airfare and hotel costs by last week.

Phoenix resident Susan Jackson purchased three tickets Sunday for more than 92-hundred dollars. That includes the broker's fee and shipping. The face value of game tickets is between 275 and 325 dollars.

The 12-0 Buckeyes take on the 12-1 Gators on January 8th.