Multi-Area Burglary Theft Ring Busted

Summit County, OH - The Summit County Sheriff, Drew Alexander, announced today the filing of felony charges relating to a multi jurisdictional burglary and theft ring.

Investigators from the Summit County Sheriffs Office, Akron, Barberton, Copley, Fairlawn, New Franklin, and Norton Police Departments converged to a City of Barberton address on Norwood Avenue where four juveniles, one from Akron and three from Barberton and one adult male, Joseph Hill of Norwood Avenue in Barb erton were located. A juvenile ran from the residence and was arrested by a Summit County Detective and a New Franklin Police Sergeant after a foot chase through backyards. Joseph Hill and the four juveniles along with William Stoddard, 19 years old, last known address: 14'h Street NW, Barberton, Ohio were involved in a multiple jurisdictional crime spree in the last few months. Charges of burglary, grand theft, credit card theft, auto theft, and receiving stolen property are pending in this on-going investigation. The thieves targeted unlocked cars containing keys and garage door openers. They would steal the cars and then return to burglarize the homes using the keys and garage door openers that were left in the cars.

Warrants for burglary and theft of a firearm have been filed on William Stoddard who is still being sought. He is believed to be armed and dangerous.

Stolen property recovered included a 9 mm pistol loaded with black talon bullets capable of piercing bullet- proof vests. A coin collection and other evidence linked the defendants to stolen cars from Green, Barberton, Copley, Akron, and New Franklin. That evidence included victim IDs, wallets, jewelry, cameras, and video recorders. Copley Police Officers developed the information that led to the subsequent identification of the members of the burglary theft ring.