The Greatest Underdog Story Of Our Time, Is Back For One More Round

Cleveland, OH - The sixth installment, and last, of the "Rocky" films hit theaters Wednesday night. Fans showed up in padded muscle suits with the famous black and gold balboa fighting shorts, taking laps up and down the theater stairs awaiting the famous Rocky Anthem to kickoff the movie of the year.

The film starts out with a rather sad twist, Rocky's long time lover, Adrian, has died of Cancer.

The former champ deals with the death of his wife with help from Paulie, Rocky's friend and long time confidant. Balboa also deals with the developing distance between his son.  Rocky Balboa Jr. feels as though he is living in his father's shadow and wants to do his own thing, and make a name for himself.

In the movie, shot in present day, Rocky owns a little Italian restaurant called "Adrian's" where he decides he wants to start fighting locally again to help unleash the demons inside and the frustration and sadness from his wife's death. Once Rocky is licensed, ESPN makes a cartoon match-up against "Then Vs. Now" boxers. The cartoon pairs Rocky Balboa against a younger fighter named Mason Dixon, who is undefeated, and the reigning Heavy Weight Champ. In the cartoon match-up, Rocky wins by a landslide.  Rocky, after being visited by Dixon's agents, decides to fight in an exhibition game against the Champ for charity.

Dixon's reputation has suffered tremedously due to the lack of talent in his industry. Dixon is undefeated because there is no one out there currently that is any good, and his fans are turning against him because of all the ruthless beatings handed over to his opponents.

The fight between Rocky Balboa will boost Dixon's fan support base, and lift out Rocky's inner demons. Let the training begin.

The fight is one that has viewers edging their seat, clapping, crying, and cheering for the old "Balboasourus". Rocky brings a mean punch and Dixon is fast and furious. Who wins the fight? You will have to go and see for yourself.