18-Month-Old Dies From OxyContin Overdose

GIRARD, Ohio – An 18-month-old child died at his maternal grandmother's house in Youngstown after ingesting more than three times the lethal amount of OxyContin, 19/43 News' Paul Orlousky reported.

"It's devastating," the child's father, Jason Hoschar, said. "It's like a nightmare you never wake up from."

Prosecutors said that OxyContin, along with Oxzycodone, Tylenol 3 and Darvocet were found in little Justin Barnett's system. They believe that the child ingested the drugs while he was under the care of his grandmother, Mary Ann Barnett.

Authorities want to know where and how Barnett acquired the drugs.

"They are prescription drugs, but prescriptions not written to her," Youngstown city prosecutor Dionne Almasy said.

Barnett faced only drug charges in a video arraignment on Wednesday, but autopsy results might cause her to face harsher charges for Justin's death.

What is so troubling for Justin's family is that even after the baby was hospitalized and a drug overdose was suspected, they called Barnett and begged her to bring any remaining drugs to the hospital to help doctors figure out what Justin had taken, but she never showed up.

Family and police later found drugs littering the floor of Barnett's home amid toys.

With no sign of life, Justin's young parents were left to decide if life support should be removed.

"He can't be like that the rest of his life," Justin's mother, Nicolle Barnett, said. "He can't blink, cough or move. No human reaction will ever be done by him again."

Life support was removed, and the boy died a short time later.

How exactly Justin got into the drugs is still a mystery, but it's thought that they were stored in an old candy container, so the boy might have thought that he was eating candy.