Medina Mom Passes "Help Me Note" To Bank Teller

Medina, OH -  A pregnant woman with two small children were forced to a Fifth Third Bank, with her legs duct-taped together, and held against her will by her boyfriend who wanted her to cash a check. The mom passed a check she was cashing to a bank teller that had "call 9-1-1" on the back.

The teller then brought the woman into a back office where she was able to call police.

The mother of two alledges that her boyfriend taped her up Thursday evening while she was sleeping. Thomas, Petersen, 29-years-old, says the duct-tape was used in a three legged race.

Petersen was arrested and thrown in jail for the holiday season until the courts re-open after the holiday break. If convicted, Petersen could spend up to five years in jail.