No Miracle, Browns Lose With Third String Quarterback

Cleveland, OH - No miracle, Browns lose 22-7. Buccaneers advance away record to 1-7. Derek Anderson injured, third string QB called in.

                         1st     2nd    3rd     4th

Buccaneers:    3        3         6      10

Browns:            0       0        0         7

First quarter is slow and aggravating at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Braylon Edwards was benched for the first quarter for allegedly showing up late to the game. Some fans want a win, some want a loss so the Browns get a better draft pick. Either way, both teams are terrible this year, and there is no debating that. Tampa Bay kicks a field goal, and it is good.

Second quarter rolls by and the Buccaneers kick another field goal. The Cleveland Browns don't seem to care, they probably just want to sit back and get a better draft pick.

Halftime score 6-0, Buccaneers' game.

Tampa Bay comes back after halftime with a touchdown, Browns blocked the extra point. End of third quarter. Buccaneers lead 12-0.

Browns are very successful at doing absolutely nothing today, which may benefit them in the future. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers scored their second touchdown of the game, and this time the extra point was good. Derek Anderson throws his fourth interception of the game.

With six minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, Tampa Bay kicks another field goal. Score is 22-7, Bucs lead. Derek Anderson takes a mean sack and the Browns send in Ken Dorsey.

Derek Anderson heads to the lockeroom for what could be x-rays to his right shoulder.

With two minutes left in the game, the Browns lose their second QB. Third string QB Ken Dorsey comes into the game and is immediately sacked with the first snap.

Browns lose and Buccaneers win 22-7.

Earlier this week:

Cleveland announced some major injury report changes Friday. Andre Davis has a concussion, and his participation in the battle of the losing teams is questionable. Chaun Thompson or Mason Unck will be his replacement. Leigh Bodden was officially declared out.

Now lets talk records.

Cleveland walks into their house on Sunday with a stellar record of 4-10 overall, 2-5 at home. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, not to be out ranked, rolls into Cleveland 3-11 overall and a stunning record of 0-7 away. They should both get some good draft picks.

Cleveland wants, needs, a win for the holidays, will there be a "Miracle on W. 3rd Street?", or will the southern grinch steal the "W".

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