Officials Face Recall Election In Stark County

CANAL FULTON, Ohio (AP) - A recall election will be held Jan. 25 when voters must decide whether to oust the mayor and two council members for halving a tax credit for commuters.

The targets of the recall move are Mayor Shawn Kenney and council members Linda Zahirsky and Bill Dane.

"It will be like running for election," according to Kenney, who said he was confident he and his colleagues would survive.

Councilman-elect Michael Mouse began the recall drive after the council reduced a voter-approved tax credit by half for residents who work outside the city. Mouse works in Cleveland.

City officials said they reduced the credit because it was hurting finances in this community alongside the old Ohio and Erie Canal 20 miles south of Akron.

If all three officials are removed, Mouse and like-minded Councilwoman-elect Diane Downing would have a chance to choose their council replacements. Council President Robert Szanto would become mayor.

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