Romeo Crennel Tight Lipped About Edwards

Berea, OH - Cleveland Browns Head Coach Romeo Crennel was tight lipped about why Braylon Edwards did not start on Sunday's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. "It was my decision not to start him, and I'm leaving it at that" said Coach Crennel, at Tuesday's press conference.

NFL announcers during Sunday's game reported that Edwards had showed up late to the game, so Coach Crennel benched him.

19 Action News has not confirmed what announcers said, and Romeo Crennel is shying away from details.

The Cleveland Browns close out their horrifying season on Sunday against Houston, and Crennel says "the offense is beat up and it looks like their third string quarterback, Ken Dorsey will start".

Second String QB Derek Anderson seperated his shoulder last Sunday after taking a mean sack, and the starting QB, Charlie Frye, suffered a broken wrist two weeks ago.