Local People React To Bin Laden Videotape

CLEVELAND – The videotape featuring Osama bin Laden is sending shock waves throughout the Greater Cleveland area, 19/43 News reported.

What follows is just a sampling of what some local people with whom 19/43 News talked had to say after viewing the video:

"That's what we needed," Floyd Lloyd said. "He tells us he did it. Now, we need to go and take another big step ahead and get that monster where he's hiding and drop one bomb over there, and bring our American people back home."

"(Bin Laden) puts way too much thought in trying to figure out how to kill people," John Aylward said. "It's a sick world we live in where people put that much thought into trying to figure a way to kill that many people."

"Based on the evidence, he said in the tape, it shows actual proof that it was a smoking gun," Leslie Turner said. "It shows that bin Laden was involved and he knew exactly what was going on and he did perpetrate this terrorist act that occurred."

"I think it's incriminating," Mike Basconi said. "It's certain that he did it. He described the entire act and what they expected the damage would be. I think it's clear that it was a calculated plan."

U.S. government officials said that the bin Laden videotape might just be the key to building a legal case against the world's most wanted terrorist.