Fight Continues To Save Cleveland Mill

CLEVELAND – The fight continued over the weekend to try to save thousands of local jobs as dozens of steelworkers continued to demonstrate on Capitol Hill, 19/43 News reported.

The LTV employees are trying to convince the U.S. Congress to agree to give LTV a $250 million federally guaranteed loan that would likely keep the eastside Cleveland mill operating.

In a 19/43 News exclusive report, an LTV veteran risked his job and his pension to shoot video inside the plant to show what has happened since the steel-maker decided to prepare for hot idle.

The video clearly shows that there is no more steel being made in the mill. Everything is being shut down for the next two months as workers wait to find out if the government will give them the money to keep the company running or if the furnaces will be put out permanently.

19/43 News showed another LTV worker the tapes, and he talked about the eerie stillness of the plant in its current state.

"You look back and see the people that worked there -- your friends, neighbors, relatives -- and they're all gone," LTV worker Tony Mrozek said.

While the plant stands still, union leaders are still camped out in tents in Washington trying to convince Congress to come through with the federal money to keep the company running. They don't like the reaction that they're getting from current LTV managers, however.

In a letter sent to employees last week, the company said that it "shares" in the disappointment about the shutdown, but it's time to look to the future. The letter also asks workers to help the company "sell" the plant.

Employees told 19/43 News that another local firm toured the plant on Thursday looking into buying at least part of the mill.